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Now it's a mystery and detective novel's boom. It has never been people back mystery and detective novels in the past. As soon as new novels are published in Europe and America, they are translated in Japanese. When do novelists fall into reverie and think of plots, and how do they write? Readers can't know how they live and write, even though they can know about novels. I'm sure it is very interesting to take a peep at their creativities for mystery fans including me. I've been planning to visit novelists, because as one of mystery fan I wanted to look in at their studios. Thus "Mystery & Detective Novelists of the World" was accomplished.
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List of Novelists
  1. Caterine Arley
  2. Eric Ambler
  3. Michael Crichton
  4. Roald Dard
  5. Frederick Dard
  6. Stanley Ellin
  7. Frederick Forsyth
  8. Dick Francis
  9. Brian Freemantle
  10. Andrew Garve
  11. Graham Greene
  12. Jack Higgins
  13. Patricia Highsmith
  14. Edward D. Hock
  15. Phyllis D. James
  16. Sebastien Japrisot
  17. Harry Kemelman
  18. John Le Carre
  19. Gavin Lyall
  20. Ed McBain
  21. John D. MacDonald
  22. Patricia Moyes
  23. Thomas Narcejac
  24. Joyce Porter
  25. Bill Pronzini
  26. Georges Simenon
  27. Henry Slesar
  1. Mickey Spillane
  2. Julian Symons
  3. Collin Wilcox
  4. Jeffrey Archer
  5. Linda Barnes
  6. Laurence Brock
  7. Tom Clancy
  8. Mary Higgins Clark
  9. Patricia Cornwell
  10. Jack Curtis
  11. Clive Cussler
  12. Nelson DeMille
  13. Colin Dexter
  14. Michael Dibdin
  15. James Ellroy
  16. Paula Gosling
  17. Sue Grafton
  18. Martha Grimes
  19. Andrew Henry Vachess
  20. Elmore Leonard
  21. Micheal Z Lewin
  22. Ira Levin
  23. Peter Lovesey
  24. Arthur Hailey
  25. Robert B. Parker
  26. Craig Thomas
  27. Joseph Wambaugh
  28. Teri White
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