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We had received the delightful request many peoples that " Château de Versailles " exhibition from every direction once again since the success in the Wako-hall, Ginza Tokyo, last year.

In Sogo Museum of Art of the sixth floor of Yokohama SOGO, it will be held as " The table art of the " Château de Versailles " from 2nd till 17th November, 2002. At this exhibition, Mr. Minamikawa's photograph and the collaboration of the table arrangement by the investigator, Mrs. Minako Imada and it is likely to become the just a little bit different exhibition last time in Wako-hall, Ginza. It is pleasure pleasing.

100_cd.gif   This CD-ROM are showing record of quarter century of art scene in this 20th of century..
"Atelier" is the working place for artists. It is not only a working place but also a place for thinking, relaxing and even to pursue their mental passion. We will feel close to their working if we have a chance to see them on photos with caption. "Atelier" has become a special place for artists to express their artistic impression. In this CD-ROM, I carefully choose 100 best artists in the world. I would like to show you for their ateliers and how to create their outstanding works.
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